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Strength & Conditioning Coach, Nutritional Blogger and Sports Scholar.

As someone who’s tried and tested many top brands over the years, I can safely say that I think I’ve finally found the holy grail with PTP. Flavour-wise, I fancied trying something a bit different. So, I opted for two products: Chocolate Mint and Vanilla Raspberry. These are slightly quirkier options than I’d usually go for, but I felt that I needed to break the cycle of re-ordering the same basic flavours every month. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much to get excited about, but I’m incredibly impressed with what I received. A 40g scoop of either of the products, when mixed with just 200ml of water or milk in a standard mesh shaker, tasted fantastic! The texture is smoother than any of the similarly priced brands I’ve had in the past (with no lumps and minimal residue) and the taste of each is considerably better. The flavours within each product were very noticeable in both the Chocolate Mint and the Vanilla Raspberry, providing the palate with an initial burst followed by a sweet but not sickly after-taste. The flavour remained consistent whether mixed with milk or water. The only noticeable difference being the thickness of the drink (milk based is comparable to a burger bar style thick shake – which is awesome!).

Ingredient Breakdown

Kcal – 155 per serving

Protein + BCAAs – 24 grams of high quality Whey Concentrate per scoop. The BCAAs are arguably just as important as the protein itself, without BCAAs protein synthesis is limited i.e. all those precious grams of protein are being wasted. Good protein, high BCAAs = good results.

Carbs – 7 grams of high GI carbs to maximise post workout adsorption, without a high sugar content.

Fat – 3.2 grams, not enough to push the kcals up, but enough for fat soluble vitamins to be adsorbed effectively.

Green Tea Extract – Essential health supplement that contains properties that aid liver health, fat burning, fat storage in organs, diabetes and carcinogenic (cancer forming).

L-Carnitine – anti-aging properties as well as increased fat metabolism. Look good and stay that way.

Multi Vits – Fantastic addition for those who don’t get enough fruit and veg in, especially if you’re using the shakes as a meal replacement where you may be at risk of missing out on a daily dose of micronutrients.

Glucomannan – water soluble fibre aiding digestion and weight loss

Natural flavourings – nothing harmful here!

Informed Sport seal of approval

Full production testing, batch testing and sales approval by the most trusted label in worldwide sport. You can be sure that everything listed on the label is what you get per shake with no nasty surprises.


All round excellent products by PTP. The low kcal but great flavour and quality of these proteins makes it a no brainer for me to re-purchase and recommend to my clients and teammates. I’ll without doubt be keeping a bag at work and in the boot of my car so I can get the grams in at my convenience without breaking the bank or feeling guilty for impulse buying whatever meal deal or sweet treat I can find in town. Flavour and convenience aside, the blend of ingredients within combined with the batch testing that is required to qualify for Informed Sport recognition is vital for me as a scholarship athlete. I require top quality nutrients to recover and progress, but I also need to keep fat gain to an absolute minimum whilst being certain I’m not consuming anything harmful or illegal in sport.